Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These are the Terms and Conditions which apply to the use of the Website by you (the "Users"). By accessing any section (including sub-domains) of this Website, you agree to be bound by the Conditions and our Privacy Policy and are deemed to have accepted and understood all the Conditions.

The Website is provided for the benefit of Users who agree to be bound by the Conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by the Conditions, you may not use the Website and we will have the right to restrict or prevent your access to the Website.

Please read the Conditions carefully and if you do not accept the Conditions, do not use the Website. In the conditions, “you”, “your”, “user” refers to anyone using our service or this Website.

The terms and conditions on the use of our service and prices are subject to periodic updates when it is necessary and PROMODATA may or may not contact customers to inform them of such changes.

Scope of Service

PROMODATA offers internet data plans, airtime and other services such as business consulting services to customers in Nigeria. PROMODATA is a subsidiary of SOONBEBAK NIGERIA LIMITED which is duly registered in Nigeria with CAC registration number RC 1198205.

We are located at 10, Anongur Agbecha street, Judges Quarters, Makurdi, Nigeria.

By contacting us and using our service you are consenting and allowing us to send messages through electronic media and we assure you that your email or private information will not be sold, traded or given away to anybody.

Payment Requirements

The User will be billed in advance by PROMODATA for the service to be offered. Before the service is available, the User must accept the Conditions as presented. We may offer full or partial refunds on the service charge if the customer is not completely satisfied with our service and also depending on the type of service requested.

For payments, the customers either pays directly on our website using the payment methods available or we will send an invoice through a payment link by email to the customer. Third parties handle payment processing, so WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to customers personal card information.

Users Obligation on the Use of this Website.

Users MUST read, comprehend and accept all the terms and conditions of our service before proceeding on the use of this Website. Users are prohibited in

  • Using this Website or any part of it for any illegal purpose.
  • Uploading or transmitting through the Website any computer viruses or anything that has been designed to interfere with, interrupt or disrupt the normal operating procedures of a computer or any material which is defamatory, offensive, or of an obscene or menacing character, or that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.
  • Creating or publishing a hypertext link to any part of the Website or attempting any unauthorized access to any part or component of the Website.
  • Replicating, copying, selling, reselling or exploiting any portion of the Website. The User is not allowed to share or reproduce purchased information with anyone.
  • Users are required to verify phone numbers, service numbers and other data related to their order before purchase confirmation. We will NOT be responsible if service is not delivered due to wrong entry of data by users.


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Anongur Agbecha street, Judges Quarters, Makurdi Nigeria.

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